Friday, January 21, 2011

What are the best study guides for passing the CLEP tests?

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by Repoort

Question by Janice: What are the best study guides for passing the CLEP tests?

I will be taking some CLEP tests pretty soon and I am looking for the best study guides to learn the actual contents (With mock tests if possible) of the subjects to be tested for. I plan on buying the "2009 CLEP Official Study Guide" and "Cracking The CLEP". If I understand correctly, these books teach more about the structure of the tests and not the material itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Best answer:

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Answer by Love Never Fails
The "Cracking the CLEP" book is definitely more about what to expect so far as test format and how to make educated guesses on the test. It does contain a lot of useful information, so it would be a good resource for you. I don't own the other book that you mentioned, so I can't comment on the content or usefulness of it.

My favorite CLEP study materials are the REA books and InstantCert, and I highly recommend them both. These are the two resources I've used most, and I've been very happy with my test results. You can find the REA books on Amazon or at most large bookstores. They cost around and come with a CD of practice tests. Make sure to read the reviews for the specific test you're taking, as some of the REA books are better than others.

InstantCert is an online study resource. They charge a a month fee, but you have access the study questions for many different subjects. They also have an excellent forum where people give feedback and advice on specific CLEP tests. If you're interested in checking it out, you can get off your first month's fee with coupon code "36438".

Good luck on your CLEP tests!

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