Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Primer For Hiking With Your Dog (A Bark In The Park)

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A Primer For Hiking With Your Dog (A Bark In The Park)

You already walk your dog every evening, so you must be ready to start hiking with your dog as you travel this summer, right? Perhaps, but a deep-woods nature walk isn't always a stroll around the neighborhood block...

This book brings you the following topics:

* The First Steps
* Will My Dog Be Safe?
* Low Impact Canine Hiking
* Let’s Talk Ticks
* Your Dog And Bears
* Your Dog And Snakes
* Your Dog And Porcupines
* Your Dog And Alligators
* Your Dog And Skunks
* Your Dog’s Feet In Winter
* Hiking With Your Dog In The Mountains
* Hiking With Your Dog In Summer
* Is Your Dog Overheating
* Taking Your Dog To The Beach
* Help! My Dog Can’t Swim!
* Will I Lose My Dog In Quicksand?
* How To Follow A Trail
* Make Your Own Map

For a bonus chapter, "The Perfect Dog Bath" will tell you exactly how to give your dog the safest and most effective cleansing possible - until the next hike!

A PRIMER FOR HIKING WITH YOUR DOG is part of the series from Cruden Bay Books that helps dog owners locate tail-friendly parks and trails: DOGGIN' AMERICA: GREAT OUTDOOR VACATION IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG.

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