Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel Reviews

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The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel

The first in the Guest Editor Series of Lame Goat Press books. Twenty-nine stories and poems from John C. Mannone, Mark Wolf, James P. Wagner, Shells Walter, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Kristin Aune, Kyle Hemmings, Ralph Greco, Pete Carter, Deborah Walker, Albert Melear, Sam S. Kepfield, John F.D. Taff, Lawrence Barker, Terence Kuch, Jo Thomas, Andrew Males, Edward A. Rodosek, David C. Pinnt, Michael C. Pennington, R.H. Reese, Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Joseph Carfagno, Sean Monaghan, John X. Grey, Mark Robinson, Jamie K. Schmidt, and Ken Head.

List Price: $ 12.95

Price: $ 12.95

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