Saturday, December 4, 2010

by nerosunero

Question by Heather H:

What can you do with a cartooning major?

Today's economy is very terrible and I've always wanted to draw for either comic book/animation/ or video game companies.

Please, for those of you out there who are aware of what a cartooning major is about then I ask for your advise. What jobs can I pursue with this major that will not cause me to go freelance (though I would still like to hear what freelance work has to offer). Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by jplatt39
Bluntly, there is NO career path in cartooning which will not force you to go freelance at some point. Even most strip cartoonists will be self-employed and deliver their strips to the syndicate. And over the long term, comic strips, of which there are not many, are the best job security -- comic books and many animation houses PREFER people under forty. All in all the bottom line is that cartooning is itself a lousy job. Drawing, including cartooning is better. Many people I've known who went into the business in the seventies and eighties are now teaching. Including one or two who went here:

It is I'm told a very very good school. Somehow that is not surprising: Kubert was and is an amazing draftsman, even if his gruff renderings take getting used to.

Short term, cartooning ca n be a good career. Long term, no. You might as well go direct to teaching or Advertising.

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